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Scaled Construction

lifting floor panel into place with scale crane

1:12 inch floor panel gets lifted into place

Only the first week of our summer work schedule, and we are anxious to start construction next week.  A few of us already got the chance to practice craning our panels into place for the large basswood model we made for final review.  We’ll be using a lull, not the crane pictured here (this one is a bit small anyway), and I think we’ll need a good deal of practice!  We pieced together the model as we would build it this summer, making it so that we can take it apart entirely to understand our construction methodology.

two students work on a large scale basswood model

robert and whitney bolt the floor panels together on the model.

floor panels are connected with bolts

floor and roof panels are connected with bolts; mimicking the construction detail.

outside edges of panels are joined with a plate

outside edges of panels are secured with a plate.

wall panel sitting on a floor panel

wall to floor connection.

floor panel without wall panel

floor panel without wall panel. no glue needed for the connection!

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