Construction Photos

Screwing UP (rarely), Screwing IN (a lot)

Lots of screwing today!

After sometime crouched over computers in the office finalizing drawings and materials specs, it feels good to be down in the shop exercising more than our mouse-clicking fingers. At this stage we’re still eager and energized enough for the physical activity to feel rewarding and not exhausting, especially when you see the energy you’ve input manifest in real components of value in that they will become part of the house !

And sanding…

…and chopping

… and calculating

More materials keep arriving. It was cool last week to see the Nordic I-joists.

Today it was the Nordic beams. These are great collective team moments. I wish I got a shot when we were pulling the long one’s off the truck. I swear 7′ tall Robert could have done them all by himself. He was such a good sport letting us pitch in.

A shout out to the gang pulling up the rear!

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