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The Wild Side

I bet by that title you thought this was going to be a blog about all the crazy antics of those crazy kids at the Empowerhouse Collaborative.  Nope.  Not this time.  Following on the ultra cute ending to Kim’s blog, I have decided to introduce you to the wildlife I’ve spotted on the construction site!  As I have a pretty crappy phone that takes terrible pictures and the fact that I can never seem to get it out and ready in time to capture ANYTHING worth while, I will preface the following images – I didn’t take any of the pictures of the actual animals.  I found them all on the intranet.  They do however represent the cuteness that is overflowing in the midst of all the circular saw buzzing and drills a-screwing.

That’s right there are BUNNIES at our site!  Well, actually across the street from our site, spotted on the hillside eating clover. This just looks like the rabbit that Jen and I spotted here:

Also spotted – BABY GEESE (correctly called “goslings”)

There were actually two goslings seen with two adult geese but not captured on film here:

Carly even says she saw a beaver!  I’m not sure where she spotted it – near the road she says – but this is what he may have looked like:


Just in case you were wondering, we do not expect to extend invitations for inhabitation to any of the aforementioned animals.  As a matter of fact, the materials we are using should do a pretty swell job at keeping them OUT of the house so they can stay cute in their own habitats and not become pests to future homeowners.  I don’t think a beaver would like to chew through timbersil’s glass impregnated wood anyway and the borate treated insulation shouldn’t be particularly inviting to nesting rabbits, geese, or mice for that matter.  So rest safe!  The building site may be home to some really cute creatures but that kind of wild stays on the  outside of the Empowerhouse (and hopefully out of the garden too!).

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