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Cellulose Demo

Who knew newspaper could be fire resistant?

[vimeo 27338562 600 400]

Our house uses cellulose insulation versus the conventional insulation because cellulose requires 16-17 times less energy to produce than fiberglass and over 60 times less energy than foam. Cellulose provides great R-value, fire resistance, and sound proofing, all at an affordable price, especially when considering how much it has reduced our PV array. National Fiber’s Cel-Pak cellulose is Eco-friendly, made of 83% recycled newspaper; borate and mineral oil, both safe and natural materials added for fire and pest control.

Here is a little educational video on National Fiber demonstrating the proper way to install blown-in cellulose insulation. Check out our students installing the cellulose! inside-out blog entry

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