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Soggy Times

Last Friday, the PATH train (the subterranean link between Manhattan and New Jersey that isn’t the Holland or Lincoln Tunnel) posted a forecast for the coming week:  SOGGY TIMES.  Soggy times indeed, but we’ve trudged right through it.  With little

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This past week the Empowerhouse had many visitors.  As the construction team continues to build, Milano students are organizing workshops showing off what we’ve been up to.

One of our visitors was a man who has been dedicated to our …

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Construction General

Inside and Out

So much has happened over the past week and we have SO MUCH left to do!   Don’t worry – we’ve got this.

Last week a crew started filling those Nordic Engineered Lumber walls of ours with cellulose insulation from National …

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Tape, Tape, Glue!

So out in Construction Land the team has been busy both inside and outside the house preparing for inspections and, even less forgiving, Mother Nature.  With storms rolling in this week following a grueling July heat wave, the team has …

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Water runoff? No way!

Recently, I got to go to D.C. and meet with representatives from the DDOE (the District Department of the Environment) to go over all the water strategies that we are planning to implement at the Gault Place site.  They offered …

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Updates from the Design Side

So while most of the team is outside in the shop or out on the lot assembling the floor panels, walls and roof of the house, a small part of the team is in the office making sure that all of the tiny little details of the design are being taken care of and also meet budget restrictions.
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The Wild Side

I bet by that title you thought this was going to be a blog about all the crazy antics of those crazy kids at the Empowerhouse Collaborative. Nope. Not this time. Following on the ultra cute ending to Kim's blog, I have decided to introduce you to the wildlife I've spotted on the construction site! As I have a pretty crappy phone that takes terrible pictures and the fact that I can never seem to get it out and ready in time to capture ANYTHING worth while, I will preface the following images - I didn't take any of the pictures of the actual animals. I found them all on the intranet. They do however represent the cuteness that is overflowing in the midst of all the circular saw buzzing and drills a-screwing.
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Cellulose Anyone?

Another delivery arrived yesterday and the team quickly found space to store an ENTIRE TRUCKFULL of Cel-Pak Cellulose Insulation. This is the stuff we're going to be blowing into our walls until it's densely packed enough to provide R-values that are through the roof!
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Parsons has left the island

We have finally all made it to New Jersey and the view is fantastic! This morning marked the first day that the entire team landed in New Jersey from the far reaches of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and even Staten Island.
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General Workgroups

Summer Spec’ing

Time to finalize all of our materials!
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