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Parsons SCE M.Arch 2011
Construction General

Pop up Solar Village

Day 3: In three days time a full-on solar village sprang up on a sleepy green in West Potomac Park. Still after the lines of semi’s hauling in chunks of houses, traffic on Ohio drive remains slow due to gawking …

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Construction General Photos

Woah, Walls!

First wall goes up!

A month of mock ups have fine tuned our screwing, squaring, sheathing, re-squaring, rescrewing…  We’re skillfully on to the real deal, and it’s gonna/got to happen real fast! This house is going to be fully framed, …

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First order of business for the group: shave things off to save our budget. It's a real house, and we have to face this financial reality. As a grand, multifarious team, balancing all the desires, drivers and constraints of the project has been a great challenge throughout the development of the Empowerhouse project.
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Construction Photos

Screwing UP (rarely), Screwing IN (a lot)

Lots of screwing today!

After sometime crouched over computers in the office finalizing drawings and materials specs, it feels good to be down in the shop exercising more than our mouse-clicking fingers. At this stage we’re still eager and energized …

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