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How to survive a hurricane: Empowerhouse Survival Tactics

Immediately after our Send Off party on Tuesday Aug 23, team members had to transition from a “Build and Display” mindset to “Survival Mode.”  The Hudson Waterfront was a great location for construction and a party, but less than ideal …

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Celebrate Empowerhouse!

With a blink of an eye, the end of summer was here.  It’s hard to believe that we are weeks away from the Solar Decathlon competition.  The summer certainly tested our limits of what is possible, and happily we proved …

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General News

New Renderings

One day, this little house will be the home to families in Greater Deanwood, in Washington, D.C.

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Soggy Times

Last Friday, the PATH train (the subterranean link between Manhattan and New Jersey that isn’t the Holland or Lincoln Tunnel) posted a forecast for the coming week:  SOGGY TIMES.  Soggy times indeed, but we’ve trudged right through it.  With little

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This past week the Empowerhouse had many visitors.  As the construction team continues to build, Milano students are organizing workshops showing off what we’ve been up to.

One of our visitors was a man who has been dedicated to our …

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The building lot has gotten a lot fresher smelling and do you know why?  Because we are pretty far along with putting up our red cedar siding and it’s looking great.  The siding comes in handy when it rains 3 …

waterproofing membrane on house with view of manhattan
Construction General Photos

roof over our heads

waterproofing membrane on house with view of manhattan

our new white roof repelling the evening rain

A new roof has been up on the house, thanks to Delta Contracting Services and Sika Sarnafil, keeping all that cellulose dry and allowing us to push ahead with interior work. The …

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Construction Workshops

Cellulose Demo

Who knew newspaper could be fire resistant?

[vimeo 27338562 600 400]

Our house uses cellulose insulation versus the conventional insulation because cellulose requires 16-17 times less energy to produce than fiberglass and over 60 times less energy than foam. Cellulose …

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Food Canning Fiesta!

Sunday August 30th a group of students got together and canned vegetables grown in the Lederer Youth Garden in Deanwood! We canned beets, cucumbers, peppers, onions,  and squash! The colorful jars will decorate the house and the vegetables will be …

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It sounds like a cheesy werewolf movie from the early nineties, but it is really something vastly important to our project and also currently in progress on our house. See those black strips on our house? Not the tape, but the wooded pieces that are set in a fun vertical pattern like zebra stripes? Yea you do. That’s the furring.
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