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Empowerhouse takes 1st in Affordability Contest!

Tying with Purdue for the full 100-points, Empowerhouse comes away with the most affordable home on The Mall
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First Day of Work

We're getting started and we want you to take a look!
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roof over our heads

A new roof has been up on the house, thanks to Delta Contracting Services and Sika Sarnafil, keeping all that cellulose dry and allowing us to push ahead with interior work. The roof is made from tapered rigid insulation (polyisocyanurate), …

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site map

so i went on a little adventure last week to find a bird’s eye view of our site . . .and i found one from the center for maritime systems research office up the hill. check it out!…

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Don’t Try This at Home

So as Jessica mentioned, we are still busy finalizing materials over here in Hoboken and breaking in our steel-toed boots.  While most must think material research boring, I’d like to share a short video about one of the products we’ll …

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hitting the streets

Empowerhouse Collaborative was front and center at the first annual Parsons street festival last weekend.  The rain finally gave way to some beautiful weather and we enjoyed the opportunity to get outdoors.  Several curious onlookers stopped by our table and …

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Scaled Construction

Only the first week of our summer work schedule, and we are anxious to start construction next week.  A few of us already got the chance to practice craning our panels into place for the large basswood model we made …

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