Construction General

Pop up Solar Village

Day 3: In three days time a full-on solar village sprang up on a sleepy green in West Potomac Park. Still after the lines of semi’s hauling in chunks of houses, traffic on Ohio drive remains slow due to gawking locals driving by.

The speed of construction is surprising. Day 3 was full of typical action packed progress. Crawling in darkness under the house Dan and Josh evoke scenes of Shawshank redemption while ensuring the plumbing and electric systems are hooked up and ready for inspections. I, myself, while anchoring footing foundations to the beams, was immediately struck by a sense of grave compression.  Passive-House–standard built houses are solid!

Meanwhile the rest of the day crew dominated the exterior assembly.  At dawn broke the lull dropped the the north porch beam into place. By sunset not only had the structural panels been positioned, but the finish cedar ceiling was also fastened into place.

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