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Pop up Solar Village

Day 3: In three days time a full-on solar village sprang up on a sleepy green in West Potomac Park. Still after the lines of semi’s hauling in chunks of houses, traffic on Ohio drive remains slow due to gawking …

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DAILY PHOTOS: 2011.09.16

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First Day of Work

We're getting started and we want you to take a look!
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Empowerhouse Breakdown

We're breaking down and heading out! We'll see you soon, in DC.
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How to survive a hurricane: Empowerhouse Survival Tactics

Immediately after our Send Off party on Tuesday Aug 23, team members had to transition from a “Build and Display” mindset to “Survival Mode.”  The Hudson Waterfront was a great location for construction and a party, but less than ideal …

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roof over our heads

A new roof has been up on the house, thanks to Delta Contracting Services and Sika Sarnafil, keeping all that cellulose dry and allowing us to push ahead with interior work. The roof is made from tapered rigid insulation (polyisocyanurate), …

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Cellulose Demo

Who knew newspaper could be fire resistant?

[vimeo 27338562 600 400]

Our house uses cellulose insulation versus the conventional insulation because cellulose requires 16-17 times less energy to produce than fiberglass and over 60 times less energy than foam. Cellulose …

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Inside and Out

So much has happened over the past week and we have SO MUCH left to do!   Don’t worry – we’ve got this.

Last week a crew started filling those Nordic Engineered Lumber walls of ours with cellulose insulation from National …

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Tape, Tape, Glue!

So out in Construction Land the team has been busy both inside and outside the house preparing for inspections and, even less forgiving, Mother Nature.  With storms rolling in this week following a grueling July heat wave, the team has …

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